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Pretty  Frogs

Pretty frogs red or blue
i have some advise for you
do not kiss their backs or lips
do not scoff at friendly tips
touching them is not a joke
pretty frogs can make you

©Luehrs 2006


Sarah Pagan

Sarah pagan?

 does she dance at the burning man?

when the midnight moon is high?...

 a moving wrathe of poetry to the starry blended sky


©Luehrs 2006


Daisy Days


Today must be a daisy day...

and one of happiness and cheer

the old and tired days of now

are turning to another year

open up a window ..

take a breath of air

turn your back on problems ..

today don’t have a care

just brew a cuppa tea my dear

and lean back in your chair

and lets the thoughts of daisy days

flow gently through your hair


 ©Luehrs 2006



a flowers heart was broken
and it cried the way it can
it puckered up its petals
little tears of dew ran

©Luehrs 2006


we each have our own private darkness, when we close our eyes




I traveled into yesterday

When I took a trip today

I drove down long remember roads

Where young I used to play

I raced my motorcycle here

I said and crashed it over there

And on the corner underneath

That aging tree I touched a pretty girl

Who one time lived with me

Down that alley and one block

Over is where we spent our nights

Oh and there it is

The tired building on the right

Abandoned grey and sorry an

Empty shell where daddies

Drug store once was proud

Its glory’s not remembered

Nor the man who made it great

The towns still there

The streets the same

But the homes and businesses

Have changed

New faces at the windows now

I lived here long ago

Before it came too pass

I was one of the chosen few

Who lived on the younger side

Of this old weary looking glass


©Luehrs 2006


The creek belongs to strangers now

Sold for money needs

The shed that we built there

years ago

Stands yawning in the weeds

Its doors forever missing

The road we carved

Through rock and tree

Is gone from what I see

A wire fence we never stretched

bars the way  to walk

our once familiar  land

and so with tired memories

we are left out side to stand


©Luehrs 2006


a million dollars
yawn what a bore
i am sure i will
receive it
when little
swine soar


Oregon weeps
Oregonians rust
we always see mud
we never see dust


 a plum blossom
in winter
is strong


I walked green fields and land today

With my old dad in step beside

Drove a hundred miles to take the walk

With slow and measured stride

His birthday was on Monday

But I could not come till now

We wandered over pastures

And near by an aging cow

The crooked road that pasted the place

Once graveled is now paved

The hippy beard I wore back then

Has long ago been shaved

My dad looked good with

Bounce back in his step

I had to stop and think of

How many years he’s slept

He died right after Christmas

Back in 1994 or maybe it was January

I don’t remember any more

I never go to visit

The marble garden where he lays

I’d rather be with him where

He spent his healthy days

And so I made this little jaunt

To walk the towns we used to haunt

Where we had a little fun

And talked together dad to son….

And talked together dad to son


©Luehrs 2006




my father returned a hero

from a long forgotten war

I remember all the nights and days

he was never at our door

our side  won the other lost

I never knew the score

the man who wore my fathers face

I had never seen before

He couldn’t sleep too long at night

And always walked the floor

He had a temper hard too hold

I was ordered more than told

Up at dawn and always gone

To work with all his might

He taught me how to be a man

To drink and how to fight

He signed me up to go to war

When I was seventeen.

To see the things that he had seen

That and so much bloody more

I wear my fathers face today

the price I had to pay

a strangers face I do not know

a smiling public one

the only one I show

©Luehrs 2006



When my father

Was alive

We had arguments

And issues

Now he is gone

And all I have

Are memories

And tissues

©Luehrs 2006



death is not an easy door

to wave good bye through..



 My mother died in

The month of may

We buried her on mother’s day

She really died

Ten years before

When my dad

Stepped through that silent door

Her grief was all consuming

No thought of life resuming

Her days were of despair

Because her husband wasn’t there

They had been together 60 years

Through many wars and happy tears

He’s the only love she ever had

She called him by his name or dad

Her time without him grew to long

She prayed to hear her funeral song

The years inched by she didn’t die

Fading now no more to try

She curled up small upon her bed

And stayed until we found her dead

Her passing wasn’t all that sad

She spent that mother’s day with dad

 ©Luehrs 2006





Wind chime wind chime

Dancing in the air

Making pretty music

With out a thought or care

What a perfect masterpiece

To journey with my prayer

Thank you God

Oh thank you God

For always

For always being there



©Luehrs 2007




An ounce or two of pressure

Brings the hammer slamming down

Striking on the blasting cap

That fires off the round

The bullet leaves the barrel

It’s target marked and found

30 feet away a human being

hits the ground

his days of life are stolen

a body dead and swollen

lays rotting in the sun

his book of life is over

and his story is all done

a woman once gave birth to him

touched his cheek and

cherished every  grin

she sent him off to school then war

where his life would be no more

an ounce or two of pressure

was all it took

to end a human life

and take away a father

make a widow of a wife

no one special to be lost

just another body cost

yet no man on earth

can take his place

and the one who pulled the trigger

will forever see his face


©Luehrs 2006