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The meaning of life, the reason for suffering, why bad things happen to good people, why God allows pain, what we're here for.

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 The Meaning of Life


Kirk Luehrs

Whoa! Did you all think that, one morning God woke up, and rolled outta bed, and having nothing better to do, He decided to create some miserable little human critters? Then just for laughs, He put ‘em on a cold old spinning rock in the middle of a big, dark, empty universe? Hummm?

 That in reality, life as we know it, is void, and totally with out meaning? That our pain and, suffering goes unnoticed, because God is off some place playing cosmic golf, with some angel that He hooked up with, over on Killian Three, during a Flamarian Concert? That our prayers go from our lips to Gods garbage can? BITE YOUR TONGUE!! Mercy! Do you realize just how little we really know? And shame on you for having such bad thoughts about God.

Life is a mystery, and its meaning alludes us, or it does me anyway, I mean, what do I know? I am just a scruffy little second chance kid from the streets.. But trust me God knows the meaning of life, and when you need to know it, He will tell you! He created you for a reason and a purpose. He planned for you since the beginning of time. You are very special to Him and He has loved you, long before you were born. That’s all you need to know. You are just a passenger on Gods’ Earth Flight. You don’t need to know the theory of aerodynamics! Just sit down. fasten your seat belts and hang on. In other words, chances are good that you will never know the true meaning of your life, this side of Heaven. So get over it, move on, seek, serve, and love God, and rejoice and have fun doing it.

Oh and before I forget it, we keep talking about pain and suffering and why does God allow it. Well, my question is, allow what? His pain or ours? His suffering or ours? And what is our pain and suffering compared to His? WHAT? You didn’t think that God can feel pain? That God can suffer? OH PLEASE! Just read your bible! His chosen people rejected His message of salvation, they rejected His love they rejected God, and then they took His Son, that beautiful young boy, and beat Him, and bruised Him, mocked Him, humiliated Him, and hung Him up to die. You think that God felt nothing? GO TO YOUR ROOM!…The earth didn’t quake just because Jesus died. It quivered and shook because God’s heart was breaking. His only begotten Son, who had never done nothing wrong, not even once, was ripped from His arms and killed right before His eyes. I can not conceive the breadth and depth of pain that God felt! Now I know the pain of rejection, and I have lost someone that I loved more than life itself. I know the hole it leaves in your chest, that ten thousand oceans can not fill. The loss that brings no closure, no ending, only another day. How much more is Gods pain? I can not imagine that of a parent losing a child, of having your love rejected, and watching helplessly as your kid is brutally murdered and slowly dies… Oh, mercy.

Now our lives are so very limited, but Gods is vast. We are all His children. Do you think He does not suffer when we suffer? When we are sick and illness racks our bodies? When we fail to do our best, or worse we go out and do what’s wrong? We have such a narrow view of every thing. We focus in on one flower in the field. We suffer when bad things happen to good people, forgetting that worse things have happened to God. You know each and every stripe they laid on Jesus opened never ending wounds on Gods heart. He felt each and every one of them. Just as He does when you and I suffer physical or emotional pain.

Now don’t think that I am putting down our earthly pain and suffering, because I am not. It is very real and all consuming for us. It is a fire to be walked through. It is part of the meaning of life. God allows it, so we can know His pain, and knowing His pain, bring us closer to Him. And that is a good thing.. Because face it kids, God is the only one who can truly say to us.. “I feel your pain….” and even more important He is the only one who can truly reach out to us and say … “come let me comfort you…”

Now maybe, just because we love Him, maybe we should find some way to comfort Him back… Hmmmm?

Hey, maybe that is the real meaning of life….

Bless God


God Bless You all