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  Mary Magdalene            Soldiers                 Caesar

  by Bro Kirk

Well, well, well, would you look at that! One minute Jesus is out there preaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, an lovies, dovies and huggies and the next He is drinking wine and chowing down with hookers, drunks, crooks, bad guys and sinners! Eeeeuu! Jesus is hanging with the trash!
Now we know that this is true because ole doc Luke scribbled it down in a book he wrote way back in the day. He also noted that it was the ďReligious LeadersĒ of his time that were saying this. They lived like potted plants, in shiny Jewish green houses, where they spent their days throwing stones at folks that they considered to be fatherless children, if you get my drift. Jesus never paid them any mind except when He was playing with them. They were about as useful to God as a short straw on a long broom. Itís just like Jesus said, the healthy folks donít need doctors, and He wasnít sent here for the goodie two shoes, but the screw up and the sinners. He was out rounding up the prodigals and bringing them home to Daddy, while the PC priests were making nasty and wagging their fingers. They were just way too cool to get down with the homies.

Now you might think that, that was then and this is now and all that ended back in the dusty old days of the bible, but that aint so. If you look around you will find tons of green house Christians, who stand around like potted plants in a Christian green house wagging their fingers and throwing stones at the common folk in the street, believers and non-believers alike. You know how I know this? Because I was one once. Yep! ACK! ACK! ACK! I became a 20th century Pharisee! Oh mercy! Not a good thing! God really frowned on that! God wanted me to be just a common Christian, one who could go where the Pope and Billy Graham canít. To reach out to the drunks the stoners the hookers, and all sorts of evil doers, as well as just plain folks who are a little lost and having some problems. Mercy, so glad He got me back on track.

Some times we forget that it is Gods job to judge somebodyís walk in this life, not ours. And I will tell you this, He sure donít want some pious potted plants in cloud filled green houses. We need to get out of our comfort zones and then maybe in time we will grow in the Lord enough so we will not need one. Jesus didnít operate in a comfort zone, He was the zone. He didnít need a Christian green house. He needed to be with His Fathers children, His brothers and sisters, bad habits, cold sores, warts and all and He didnít care if the PC Police grumbled that He was hanging with the trash, he was where His Father wanted Him to beÖ
And I am forever grateful that He does, because I didnít go to where He was, He came to me. He came to where the trash was.. And gave me that wonderful second chance.

So how about you? How is your comfort zone? Are you out there with the bad guys or hanging with the choir? Feeding the poor, or puttin on the Ritz? Godís got work for us to do. You donít have to be a ďsuperĒ Christian to do it either, in fact God prefers the common one, who is willing enough to go where God sends em. Which is usually just out side their comfort zoneÖ and way outside of the green house.
Let me know where you are at..
Ever see a Christian green house? Ever get stuck in one?
Ever visit the trash heap?
Let me know..
Love ya
God Bless You

© Copyright 2008 Kirk Luehrs