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What was it like to walk from town to town
with Jesus and the boys..?
by Bro Kirk

I have often wondered what it would have been like to walk with Jesus and the boys going from town to town. You know they didn’t do “miracle:” meals every day so somebody had to pack lunch and probably dinner.. I mean they didn’t have any road side Mac lamb chops, Fisher King and chips, or Goatsville restaurants, so somebody had to cook. They didn’t have bottled water either, maybe a goat skin or two filled with yesterday’s well water mixed up with a little local sand. Next question is .. who did the dishes? Peter? Andrew? James? John? Ole Judas probably ducked that duty too.
What really interested me about these trips is what did they talk about around the campfires? Not the high holy stuff but the small talk .. the shop talk if you will..
Did they talk about the crowds? The miracles? The hecklers? What? I mean Jesus had a great sense of humor and Peter was a rough tough fisherman, they had to have the stories going back and forth. Then what about the groupies that followed them.? There had to be a lot of fun people there too, the sinners and tax collectors, the girls who made bad life choices. I will just bet that most of these nights rocked on pretty good..
I just want to know what an “every day” was like with them.. So at night just before I go to sleep I try to pretend that I am sitting around that campfire, smelling the smells, tasting the tastes, feeling the presence.. loving the moment… just being with our Lord…
That is just so cool…

God Bless You

© Copyright 2008 Kirk Luehrs