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 Angel with Heart Free clip art


Bro Kirk Luehrs

 Contrary to popular belief, love is not what happens in the back of your parents vehicle when you are sixteen years old. Se x happens, babies happen, but not love. It is just another place to get a broken heart. So what’s up with love? Like I mean, what is it? Where does it come from? Why is it soooo confusing?.. Well… let me tell you…
Long ago, back before any of us were around, God created love. He crafted it by hand, and He molded it by heart, formed and shaped it, until it was so very very perfect. It shown brightly through out the entire Kingdom of Heaven, and the angels bathed in it.

Then about this time the devil showed up, got out his felt tip marker, and drew a moustache, goatee, and horns on it. You know, blacked out the teeth and every thing. Oh mercy! That bad boy has been defacing love ever since then, starting in the garden of Eden and traveling throughout history until this very day. Shucks, that’s why our thoughts about love are so covered with graffiti and we don’t have a clue as to what it is.. Or isn’t…
Well, now I am no expert… when I became a Christian, I didn’t even like people, much less love them… but God has given me a lesson or two.. And I will tell you this.. It is not a lot of luvy up kissy face, getting na ked, and doing the wild thing, any more than making love is love. Now you can love se x, but se x aint love, its just getting physical, that’s all. I mean, good grief, God loves you, but He don’t have you strip down, and give Him some sugar, just to prove you love Him. Now the devil might, but never God, that’s just not the way of it.

God’s love is an all consuming fire, lust and the devils love are just a burning in your pants. When a boy cant get his eyes off a girls chest, that’s lust not love, just the same as a lady who gets weak every time, Dr Hunky Hotti walks by, she not in love, she’s in heat. And don’t kid your self, giving it up and doing the bad nasty, before you are married, aint love neither. It just means that you are too cheap to buy a ring, too chicken to make a commitment, and don’t respect yourself or God enough to make it legal. It aint love. Ok then .. So how do you know, what love is or isn’t?

Well first off, you don’t prove love, you do love. I mean God didn’t just say “I love all of mankind”, and then sit back and create nothing, or nobody. Nope! First He created Heaven and the Earth. You see love is a verb, not an adjective. It is an action, not a description. Take for example, in a less than drama filled life.. Your other half asks you please to take out the trash. You smile and say, “I love you honey”, and remain sitting on your fanny in front of the TV.. Sure, you got the words.. But that don’t get the trash taken out.

You are saying it but you aint meaning it, you aint shown the love. Now getting up during the best part of the show, putting on your sneakers, grabbing a leaky smelly old garbage sack, and going out in the rain to dump it, IS love. You see most of the time love just boils down to doing what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it.

Now God know that we are a bunch of slow learners, so He saw to it that we got really good examples of what love truly is. Remember Jesus? God’s only begotten Son? He is the super prime example of what’s up with love. You remember when He was out ditty bopping around the country side, and got the bad news that His home boy Lazarus had bit the big one, and was now apart of history? Man that broke His heart. So he books the first sandal home, and when He gets there, He has missed the funeral. Old Laz baby, is stone cold dead and in his grave. So what does Jesus do? Well, first He wept.. It was grief not love that made Him cry.

Then, because He loved Lazarus, He took action. He talked to His Dad, and then He raised Lazarus from the grave. Oh Yeah! Just like He is going to do for us, when our time comes, because He loves us!! Aint God Great! Mercy! Out of sight man. Jesus love is gonna raise us otta the grave. Super! I for one am really lovin that.

Now, speaking of Jesus, and love remember when I said that love was doing what you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do it? Well the reason that Jesus can raise us from the dead, is because He gave it all up for us! And believe me He really did not look forward to all the pain and suffering that He was going to have to go through just to make it happen. In fact He spent a whole night in a garden asking God His Father to say it wasn’t so, that He would really really have to go through all of this just to save some as yet unborn scruffy little idiot named kirk in Beaverton Oregon, until finally He says “Ok, Dad, I don’t want to die, but if it is your will, and that’s what I gotta do to save that kid, well then lets do it..”

So, you know the rest… Jesus let them murder Him so you and I could have a second chance. He loved us that much. He didn’t just give ten percent, He DIED for us, one hundred percent! Now do you really think that the devil is going to die for you? HA! Fat chance, he wants you to die for him. He lusts after you… but it was God who died for us.. And that is real love.

So what does He get for all His trouble? Not much, all He asks from us is that we love Him back, that we take up our cross each day and follow Him. Jesus made the rules real simple for us .. Love God with every thing we got… love our neighbors… as we love ourselves.. So we gotta love our selves.. Now that shouldn’t be to hard to do.. Right? Just put your sneakers on and try to put them in one sandal print after another, Jesus knows the way, just follow Him.

Now remember, what good is it to say “ I love God”, and don’t keep His ways? How would you like it, if God said, “ hey, I love you kid”, and then never answered your prayers? Or how about next Sunday, you finally decide to get off your fanny and show up at church for the first time in forever, and when you get there you discover that God is out playing golf with your preacher and that you are on your own, kiddo? How would that grab you? Not to neat hey. Talk about tough love. Now you gotta go out and seek God, what a bummer.

Hey maybe God could use a good caddy, to carry His message of love around the course? Hmmm? How about it? Are you up for the game? Hey its worth a try, isn’t it? Besides God loves you, and He has already taken out your trash..
God Bless You all
PS please let me know what you think

© Copyright 2008 Kirk Luehrs