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Bro Kirk Luehrs

Hey dudes! The word is out… Jesus has got ID! Whoa. Do you remember years back when you wanted to go where the grown ups can go, but you cant because you are not old enough and you didn’t have any ID? Did you ever wish that you knew somebody who would loan you their ID so you could go? I mean .. you would just about give anything to have that ID..

Or maybe you have some relatives like ours who at one time had an immigration status that was a little less than .. Well you know .. No green card no work.. Got to have that ID man, gotta have that ID.

 Back then there was always a street corner where you could buy ID or a friend of a friend who could get you a social security card so you could get your drivers license and who knows what else.. Mercy, in this country you just gotta have ID.. I mean even if you are street legal, you still need to be able to prove it… like when you want to cash a check.. Use a credit card.. Or when that very nice police officer says …”let me see your license and registration, please and proof of insurance…”… you better believe you that you gotta have all three or they are gonna tow your car.. And depending on the circumstances.. You might end up in jail or if there is an immigration problem.. Kicked out of this country.

Ok … so what’s that got to do with Jesus? Well just about everything. He has got ID!

Now back in bible times when Jesus was diddy bopping around the country side, just doing His thing, He didn’t have no drivers license, social security card, or proof of insurance. So the only way that He could prove who He was, The only begotten Son and Lamb of God, was to do the miracle thing, you know make wine, walk on water, heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, and tell all the good folks the way it is. These works and words were His bonifides. His deeds were His letter of mark from His father that identifies Him to us that he was not here illegally. That He had the right to be here, and That He is who He says He was and is, Gods legitimate Son and heir. He was signing down dudes.. And there were some who could read it and go for it .. And then there were them other folks who said He had fake ID and went so far as to kill Him over it.. Which is worse than deportation.. But God turned that to His Great Glory.. Just like He does most bad things that happen… He used it to give Jesus the ultimate ID… He got resurrected! Yes sir! Three days later there be Jesus back alive and kicking… man.. Talk about validating a claim… Jesus just proved that He is the Christ the Son of the Living God.. Wow lucky for us man…. Lucky for us.

Yeah neat hey… but what has that got to do with us getting ID dude? Well nothing much unless you care about getting into heaven and escaping an eternity being roasted on a pitchfork, like a marshmallow. See Jesus proved to the world that He is the Son of God and He has got more than just your ticket to heaven. He has got your ID. And what an ID it is man, it is better than your driver license, social security, American express card, and proof of insurance all rolled into one. Now some folks say you really don’t need the all in one ID they say what they got is just as good. They picked it up on a street corner, or at the local hot hot hot religious cafeteria.. They don’t care that its phony, because it looks so real that it would fool any body.. But that is just bunk! One day they are gonna try to pass it off on St. Pete… and he is gonna look them right in the eye and say in his best fisherman’s voice…” Hey dude . This ID is BOGUS MAN!… you are like so outta here” and wham he hit’s the button and bingo, old nick in the pits gets another one.

Now, I have got a real ID, the genuine article, not some street knock off. I got it straight from Jesus Himself. I did not have the where with all to pony up the price, so Jesus paid my bill. Then, He just up gave me His ID, and so there would be no mistaking it was His, He signed it with His blood. Told me it was my guarantee to get me past the pearly gates when my time to travel comes. So whats so special about this ID, you ask, what is wrong with using your very own.. Well let me tell you folks.. It is really simple, I don’t belong there, I have not earn the right, I am under aged and I have no immigration visa.. I am dirty and I am dusty and I have screwed up most of my life.. I can not throw those heavy stones, my hands were full of drinks and girls or some poor buggars throat… my clothes all reek of garbage that lived in before I met the Prince.. I am not fit to walk those streets of gold, or live in one of those great mansion rooms, or in His fathers house.. I am illegal and if I traveled on my own ID there are those in heaven who would kick my sorry fanny out. But not with my new ID! The one that Jesus gave me.. You see now when those that check me at the door take a closer look at the card held tight in my trembling hand.. They will see my shabby picture fade into one that looks like Him.. And His blood signed signature is all that they can read. I will get my ticket punched and a hearty welcome home.

Jesus got a real ID and shared it with the likes of me. He will do the same for you and yours, and any one you meet. It is free to all, not like the phony ones you have to purchase on the street, that cheat you out of joy this life and heaven in the next.

Don’t believe me that’s ok, but you gotta believe in Him, He is the only begotten Son of God and He never did a sin. He holds the keys to heaven, and He is the one who gets you in. Jesus got ID, and He is giving it up for free, He is sharing His good name and all with the likes of you and me…

All you have to do is ask..

Now aint that great.

God Bless You All


PS please let me know what you think…

© Copyright 2008 Kirk Luehrs