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Was MM Really MRS. Jesus? by Bro Kirk

Was MM really Mrs. Jesus? You know, MM, not Marilyn Monroe, but Mary Magdalene? And no she was not the one who leaned on the piano and breathlessly sang, Happy Birthday, Mr. Jesus. She is the lady stuck in the middle of a tiny little tempest , that says that she was more than good buddies, with ole Jesus. In fact the rumor on the streets is that those two were married! Oh mercy!

Now I should note here for those of that might have over looked it, the Devil is the Doctor of Distraction, and he practices it daily on Christians every where. Shucks, he was the one responsible, not so long ago, for all them super smart biblical scholars to spent years studying about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. No lie, they really did that, and had serious argument about it too. What a waste of time. Now he is doing the same thing with this so called marriage of Jesus.
Oh yeah, sure itís the devil! So what about all them facts?
What facts? The bible donít mention a marriage any where, so what facts? Oh, you mean the Da Vinci code? The book where this Italian painter forgets to put a cup in a picture of the last supper, and all of a sudden, it is a special secret code that if you look really hard and switch things around, SHAZAM! Jesus got hitched and had a kid with Mary Magdalene. whoa! Talk about magic and a tremendous leap of faith!!
Ok! Ok! But what about the Illuminati, an Opus Dei, Knights Templar, the Free Masons, the Gnostics, the lost books of the bible, the Grand Order of the Jaundiced Fleegals? What about them? Huh?
Well what about them? Did they all marry Jesus too? Oh and just for the record, the Gnostics never said that MM and JC were ever MR and MRSís. They just wrote that they were very close friends, thatís all. But, today most folks are going to believe what they want to believe, and as a result we ended up with three schools of thought with regard to the marriage of Jesus. There is the school of: YES; there is the school of: NO; and then there is the school of: MAYBE YES/NO.

The school of Yes, views MM as a whacked out hooker with a hot body that hooked up with Jesus got knocked up, had a kid and the rest is history. The school of No, says No! NO! NO! No! No! MM was just a good friend, close maybe but not tooo close. He just let her sit at His feet. Thatís all. The school of Maybe Yes/No is still trying to find out how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, and havenít gotten to this problem yet.

As for me, I dropped out of school, and I personally donít care if MM was Mrs. JC or not! Show me where it says in the bible that Jesus has got to be single to save my wretched soul? Without sin, yes, single NO! So who cares? It does not matter, it is a distraction. Are you gonna spend more time talking to non believers about the DaVinci code, or Godís code for eternal life? Will Da Vinciís code get anybody into heaven? I donít think so.

Does Jesus say ďwhosoever believes in me, but only if I am single, shall not perish, but have everlasting lifeĒ? NO! He just says ďbelieve in MEĒ thatís all no more no less, no marriage, no children no nothing. Just believe in Him. Period end of point! It donít matter! Jesus is my Lord and Savior, single or married. Period. Of course on a personal note.. I do not believe that He and Miss Mary Magdalene, ever hooked up, tied the knot, got hitched, jumped the broom, broke the glass, or stood before a justice of the peace and said I do. In my less than humble opinion , I do agree with gospel writers and those merry dancing Gnostics that said Jesus and Miss Mary were just good buddies. And why not Miss Mary Magdalene was a super great and super special lady. She provided Jesus with money and supplies. She even washed His feet with tears, oil and her beautiful hair, which must have felt really really cool. I mean think about it. Jesus walked everywhere, because they didnít have no taxi cabs or mass transit, so you had to hoof it. Most of the streets were not paved. They were just, hot dirty and dusty old roads. So to get home and to be so lucky as to have this very nice lady, with magic fingers, and silky hair rubbing on His tired old dawgs, just had to be a real treat. I mean thatís a real buddy for you.

I will just bet that she was a kick to be around with too. Someone fun to chill with and for Jesus some one to relax with after a hard day of preaching, teaching , healing and dealing with those stupid old Pharisee and their henchmen. Was she a whack job, or a hooker, or maybe a hoochie mama that Jesus did the bad nasty with? NO, very simply No. Jesus never sinned and would never lead another to sin, it just wasnít His style.

Now Miss Mary did have seven demons, that Jesus gave the boot too.. But no one ever called her a hooker until the day Pope Gregory sort of made her guilty of it by associationÖ now that was in 591.. If she was a hooker wouldnít of somebody mentioned it before then? Good grief, and all pope Greg said was that she came from a town that was known for its fishermen and hookers, sort of guilt by association. Shucks almost six hundred years of hindsight does not make him much of an expert on the topic does it? Not only that, he never mentioned a marriage either. You have got to remember that she really loved the Lord and the devil has never forgiven her and tries to disrespect her and Jesus, every chance he gets. And he is doing it now with all this bad mouthing going on about her.
The truth is, Mary Magdalene was one tough woman, with tremendous courage, when the evildoers grabbed Jesus and put the hurt on Him, all His ďbuddiesĒ tucked their tails and ran. Miss Mary she stood her ground, she walked the walk with Jesus and His cross all the way to the hill where they murdered Him. She let her heart be ripped from her chest as she watched Him suffer and die. She was there when the earth quaked and the sky got dark and heaven groaned.. She stayed, she didnít run away.. She was there when they took Him down, and carried Him to the tomb. The men were not there! They were home hiding shaking in their sandals.. But Mary Magdalene wasnít, she put Jesus needs ahead of her own. And what happened because of that? She was the very first to see Jesus after the resurrection, she was the first He sent out to be a witness of the miracle of life over deathÖ Mary Magdalene became an apostle to the apostles.. She became their equal, and more.
In my view, Miss Mary Magdalene never had the big MRS in front of her name.. she got a better set of initials, she got the big St. for saint, and it donít get any better than that.
The devil is the doctor of distraction, and us little folk who follow along our Masters path have got to be aware of that. We have to look to the cross not Hollywood and the booksellers. We gotta keep focused and we do that by keeping the faith. Was Jesus married? Who cares? What difference does it make? Now I donít know about you but I got better things to do than run around counting dancing angels on a pin or worrying about some rumor that Jesus was a husband.
All I know is that Jesus is my Sheppard,
My Lord and my Savior,
and thatís all that counts,
nothing else really matters,
How about you? What do you think?
Please if you got a minute, let me know
God Bless You

©Luehrs 2008