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Bro Kirk Luehrs

 Hey baby.. What’s your sign? Remember when that was the worlds greatest pick up line or meet and greet question? Just as if there was some specialcal magical bonding to be had if one were born under the super most correctly compatible and proper astrological sign…. Yea like as if any one had a choice in when and what they were born under.. I think some of those folks were born under rocks or came out a pond scum.. I never did understand them zodiac signs anyway…

It all sounded like a bad dime novel, where some chic with a bow and arrow shot a fish eating goat, that rammed a couple of twin crabs who landed on this ladies scales, who panicked, and ran helter skelter into a water bearer, got eaten by a lion and bit by a scorpion and died. Now, if some how you were born just right and under the right road sign, all this would make sense to you, and you would immediately know a strangers character, and what the future held for them… sort of like the witch of Endor and the oracle of Delphi all rolled into one only with out the theatrics. I do believe that God frowns on all this stuff, but that is another story…

Right now I am talking about signs.. We all got em.. We all carry them .. And strangers read them each and every day.. They are as obvious to the world as the ones them road side sign spinners shake at us from the curb advertising the latest mattress store or banko business sale.. Only difference is, we just advertise us.. Who we are .. What we stand for.. and things like that… to everybodyone that crosses our path.. Just like you read everybodyoneelses signs that they display..

There is the old guy who’s a God fearing, bible thumping scripture quoting side street sign spinner you can spot him in a heart beat, or the folks with real signs that tell you more about them than they think. Like the guy at at all the freeway on ramps, with his designer jeans, $200.00 tennis shoes, $500.00 backpack, holding up his homeless sign, not even offering to work for food any more, just hanging for a handout, need to make a payment on his beamer.. Then, of course there are the sings that put on our cars.. You know the ones.. Vote for ban the bum… support our loser.. Save the glad bags eat your garbage.. And then there is the “fish”, yep the big FISH sign on the back of your car… with the big BIRD SIGN hanging out the window on your fist!.. And it aint no descending dove either! It’s the devils digit! A moving testimony to your Christian hypocrisy to every one in traffic around you… been there.. Done that .. Am ashamed.. But that sucker really ticked me off!.. What can I say .. I am not perfect.. Just forgiven.. But that is no excuses, I am the Kings Kid, an I need to represent my family better than that.

I guess we all gotta be a little more careful of the signs that we show the world.. You know like some of these “religious” shows are nothing more than big greedy signs saying that heavens for sale, and if you send in enough love gifts and offerings, for starving evangelists, CD’s, books, tapes, prayer rocks, and religious artifacts from the holy land, then some how pastor big bucks is gonna get you into heaven.. Mercy.. We know that aint gonna happen.. And then theres the lady preachers who, presents their gospels in skin tight pants, low cut front, store bought chest, tie dyed hair, and six inch spiked high heels.. their signs has got the guys attention for all the wrong reasons.. Its using sex to sell their prosperity theology.. their prosperity, not yours.. their theology, not Gods..

Now don’t go confusing these people with good folks like hookers for Jesus, because the hookers aint selling, they are sharing and they are working in a very difficult ministry.. They are ex prostitutes These others are nothing more than currently practicing religious prostitutes, and their signs say so..

Now a little closer to home,, we got the “bully believer”, who carries a threatening sign. They use hell like a club to beat and bully a sinner into corrective salvation.. And then there I a favorite of mine .. The weak and quivering sign shaker, who is afraid to share their faith. They use the excuse that salvation is a personal private affair, and should not be spoken of in public or polite company, for fear of offending some one or being labeled as a religious nut or Jesus freak.. You know that is like not telling your neighbor that his backyard Bar-B-Q has set his house on fire, because you don’t want him to think that you are nosey.. Mercy.. The things that we do..
Ok, enough about the negative signs, how about the positive ones… what kind of a sign should we be spinning?.. Well when in doubt .. Go back and read the instruction manual, check with the Boss, and hit your knees and talk direct to the factory.. See what they have to say.. They are the experts… I think that you will find that Jesus is the Master Sign Makers role model for all of us, that we should be as much like His sign as possible, because on earth He did great “sign”.. I mean check it out, He walked His talk so good, that it was obvious what his message sign said..

Then one day, just for a reality check Jesus asked Peter to read His sign.. He said “ pete, who do you think I am?”, now I am not saying that peter was dumber than bait, but he did use his hands more than his head, but even peter got it right… he said “Lord, you’re the Messiah” whoa! What a great sign, but we are not messiahs , we are just little ole life travelers, on a rock called earth, in the middle of no where, trying to get by as best we can, with the help of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, what sign could we possibly carry?
Well that’s easy! Its in the book!… Jesus said the world should know us by our love, that we should love one another… that’s what we should be shaking on our signs kids… Love
That is the easiest sign in the world to read.. And the hardest sign on earth to paint…

I am still working on mine.. How about you” what’s your sign” what’s it say? Huh?
If you got a minute let me know
Love ya and God Bless You
©Luehrs 2006