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Was St. Peter a pansy? I mean when things got really ugly for Jesus… Peter beat feet outta there. Oh, sure when they were all sitting around the table breaking bread and sipping vino, Peter the great blowhard was in rare form. When Jesus asked him if he would defend him, He hit a hot button… "I got your back Lord, you betcha, I would never leave you hanging bro, I am there for you… yes sir you got it, I am your boy, captain rocky at your service Lord," But Jesus knew Peters heart, and He is unimpressed. He shakes his head sadly and says softly.. "Pete my boy, I love ya, but let me tell you how it is.. Before the chicken barks at the sun, you are gonna deny me three times.." Whoa! That really spanked ole peters pride… and he protested.. "How can you say that boss, I got your back, man .. Gee ,.. I mean .. I am the rock remember.. Scheech.. I will never deny you.. You should know that.."

Well we have all read the book or at least heard the story about what happened next.. When the Romans grabbed Jesus and hurt Him and the crowds got a little outta control and they were turning on His followers.. And things were looking really bad for Jesus and any one close to Him… Ole Peters knees turned to jello.. And when this chicka says "Hey bro, you were with that king dude weren't cha?"… With eyes as big as saucers, Peter shoots back bravely, "Nope! Not me! No sir! King dude, never heard of him! You are sooo wrong.. Oh look at the time.. Ah .. I gotta run" and worse yet, just like Jesus said Pete denies Him three times that very night before the chicken sings..

Oh mercy! When peter sees what he has done, that rather than stand up for Jesus and follow Him to the cross, he loses it.. He bawls like a baby and then he tucks tail and runs for the hills and hides in a house until the girls come over and tell him, that it is safe to come out now, its all over and Jesus is back from the Dead… man what a wuss! What a pansy! Right? Well I don't know, it is real easy to be brave when you are reading a book, or sitting around a table, but out where the metal meets the meat is a totally different story. Peter was a rough tough fisherman and he was boastful and impulsive, and don't forget he was the one that chopped off that poor soldiers ear in the garden, but when the chips were really down, and I mean really down, Peter vamoosed, he booked, he just plain ran away, I would say that he ran like a girl … but that's not fair to girls… because the girls didn't run away at all,,, they stayed, they walked the walk… they watched … they witnessed ..and they were the first to know the truth.. These were some super brave ladies. Totally fearless… more worried about our Lord than themselves.. While Peter just wanted to save his own skin..

I often wonder what I would have done in Peters place. I would love to believe that when the angry chic asked if I was with Jesus my answer would be a quick and crisp, "You betcha kiddo, He is my Lord and Savior, so what cha gonna do about it? Eh? " but I don't know .. I have been known to write checks with my mouth that my body could not cash. I have at times talked braver, than I am. It is one thing to stand up for Jesus on an internet chat room and quite another to profess your love for Him to a bunch of hostile folks who will tear you limb from limb if you do.. A lot of sort of Christians will not even share their faith at work because they are afraid that they might not be included in a pot luck or promotion list or worse yet get fired. At least poor Peter was in fear of his life, I mean he didn't really know that Jesus was gonna make it back from the dead.. In those days dead was dead.. Nobody had made it back alive before. So we at least have better information than he did. The thing is this, once Peter was in full possession of the facts about Jesus life, death, and resurrection, he was absolutely fearless! And he went boldly to his death as did thousands of Christians in Rome and elsewhere who would die rather than deny… and yet we who have all this history are some how afraid to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with our friends, coworkers, relatives, or strangers. When some one asks if you are a Christian, do you say "yes, but…." do you have to qualify your faith? Or do you say simply "yes, I have a personnel relationship with Jesus Christ.. Let me tell you about it.."

It is easy to look back and look down on Peters denial of Jesus… but would I have done better? Probably not.. I am afraid that I would have out run Peter.. It is easy to be brave on the computer … but in real life…. Hmmmmm?

Was Peter a pansy? A wussy boy?,,, nawh! I don't think so.. Once he found out the straight skinny on Jesus and the gospel and the real kingdom of heaven, he put on his armor of God and took the martyrs road to his own cross on the way to paradise. So ok,
Peter was a stand up guy after all .. But what about us? Peter was very vocal in his denial of Jesus… and everybody in the whole world knows he did it … but again what about us? Who is gonna know when we fail to tell some one what Jesus can do in their life? don't we deny Jesus every time we do not share Him? Forget the angry anti Christian lynch mobs if you don't have the moxie to talk to a friend, coworker, or someone in need about what God and Jesus can do, you suck. The silent denial is the loudest one of all because heaven hears it..
I know this because I am guilty of it my self .. I know what is right to do… but….yatta yatta.. yatta… I have no excuse… how about you.. Now this is not an easy question if you are honest..Boast and toast? Or ….???

Love ya
God Bless You

© Copyright 2008 Kirk Luehrs