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Royalty Free Satan and Devil clip art and images. Christian Art resource for illustrating hell, evil, skull, Lucifer, demon and satanic forces. Royalty-free Graphics to use from the folks at I Heart God.

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Wages Of Sin

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Devil Lust
Devil Lust

Royalty Free Images Demon Clip Art
Demon Clip Art

   cannon head      carrying a grudge       devils puppet anti-christian       devils puppet bad daddy
      Canon Head      Carrying a Grudge   Anti-Christian Puppet   Bad Daddy Puppet

   bad mommy devils puppet     devils puppet drinker     devils puppet hacker royalty free images      devils puppet lawyer royalty free images
 Bad Mommy Puppet   Devils Puppet Drinker   Hacker Puppet   Devils Puppet Lawyer

   pc police devils puppet     pimp devils puppet     drugs devils puppet      politician devils puppet
    PC Police Puppet   Devils Puppet Pimp   Devils Puppet Pipe  Politician Devils Puppet

   rock star devils puppet     std man     don't be satans puppet      puppet preacher royalty free images
   Rock Star Puppet     STD Man Puppet   Don't Be Devils Puppet   Puppet Preacher

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   puppet preacher     satans puppet preacher     Woke up too late     Man loses temper clip art   
   Puppet Preacher2   Puppet Preacher3    Woke Up Too Late   Man Loses Temper

   Loser Druggie     Devil Fish     Festering Anger      Wages of Sin Royalty Free Images
     Loser Druggie           Devil Fish           Festering Anger      Wages Of Sin 2

  Father of lies Royalty Free Images     Greed woman greedy      Instant Rage clip art     Demons clip art
  Father of Lies         Greed Woman           Instant Rage             Demons

  Credit Card devil      Sociopath face clip art       Twisting History clip art       Vacancy Devil
 Credit Card Puppet   Sociopath Face     Twisting History         Vacancy Devil






















Satan's Sock Puppets Royalty Free Clip Art 



Bro Kirk Luehrs

Deep in the blistering hot regions of the theological heartland for eternal punishment, that the devil calls home, exists a designated area he uses for dirty tricks, special ops, and cheating. It is the work shop of the miscreant master maker of puppets and his soulless staff of evil doers.

Known though out perdition as Beel Z. Bub, his captive consorts refer to him as Bubba, but never to his face. They have seen others drink the molten milk shake, and have no desire to try it.

Bubba produces puppets, but not just any kind of puppets. His are Satan's sock
puppets. A dastardly crafted product, designed to seduce every one from the gullible
to the good folks to leave the straight and narrow path way, and to play upon Lucifer's
Lane, without them even realizing it. He steals the socks from peoples washers and
dryers, and from under their beds, and covers them with sinners skin and doubters
hides, then molds them in homilies and whole cloth. He paints and decorates his
puppets with the latest greatest, most popular deceptions. They are designed to fool
the world, and come in all sizes, shapes and forms ranging from happy friendly to
screaming fiends. Some puppets appear quite gentle while others are just plain mean…
it doesn't matter how they look or play, their purpose is the same…. To lead the elite
or lost from the Lord, to fill the vacancy's in Hell.

People see them every day, not realizing that they were brought to them on brimstone
and shifting sulfur winds, with hunger in their bellies that only eating souls will end.

The obvious puppets are the murders, terrorist, rapists, junkies, winos, pimps,
pornographers, and the like. Those jump out at you from the news paper headlines,
or the bushes on your block. Not a lot of fooling going on with these toys. Well maybe
no or maybe yes. The pornographers for example, create a whole bunch of puppet
socklings, who come with lust and worship at the computer monitor of raw, and violent
loveless sex on line, who see no harm in the happenings there. Besides it is free and
every body is watching it and if it was wrong the government wouldn't let it be on there
or something like that. No real thought is ever given to the heavy price that the actors,
and the audience really pays. These poor puppets are just there for the whole world to see..

But what about the puppets that we don't see.. The stealth puppets and the really,
really sneaky ones, like the popular puppets who go around calling girls and women
bitches and hoes..? And verbally degrades and abuses them, getting away with it by
telling everyone that it is cool to do it… when I was a kid, you call a girl a name like
that, you would be picking up your teeth from now till Sunday.. Complements of the
lady or the nearest gentleman.. But not so today. The girls are trapped into taking it
by all of Satan's little phony macho socklings, who chant the mantra of cool.. And it
spreads like mold among the population. How can anyone respect and revere Mother
Mary, Mother Teresa, or their very own mothers, when they label all women like that?
.. It's a big win for the puppet master, if you don't respect women and they don't respect themselves, it is much easier to degrade them, lower their self esteem and coerce
them into casual sex, prostitution, and pornography and who knows what else..
But it aint good.

Bubba is a big fan of the sports and entertainment industry as well. He has got
puppets every where there, from rock stars to athletes. You see his better puppets in
the movies, music video's, reality shows, and major sporting events. They are the ones
who take the money, position and fame while turning their backs on God, and refuse
to be upstanding role models for the youths of the world. Instead they display obscene
decadence and lack of spiritual discipline, as they romp in the rooms of addictions,
decay and disgrace. Daily they discover new ways to expose their total lack of a moral
compass, while pretending to lead the way, with out ever saying where they are going,
taking as many as they can with them, as fast as they can down Hades hard highway
express. All the time mocking those who do right and stand up for the Lord and His

The most evil of all the puppets has yet to mentioned.. It grieves me to be the one to
share this with you, but the ones with the blackest hearts are the pulpit puppets..
Yep the ones that look and talk just like preachers, they have all the God words and
bible phrases, but just a little twisted… like right is wrong and wrong is right and the
devil don't exist. They would die before they mentioned Hell. For some of these folks
Jesus was just a good ole boy that they can make a lot of money off of.. They preach
prosperity .. Theirs not yours.. They say that you will get rich if you send them all your
money… they are nothing but the modern money changes of our day. They sell junk for
love offerings and pander prayers with crocodile tears.. They dress up in light.. But they
live in utter darkness.

Then there is the home town preacher who is more concerned with who is singing in the
choir than who is sinning in the parking lot. They don't want to call sin a sin because it
might offend some one … judge not as the saying goes… he needs all the money he can
get in that old collection plate.. And upsetting the congregation will tighten its purse
strings.. Oh mercy.. Besides he has his social cause to lead, which is more important
than leading folks to the Lord, and he needs all sorts of civic support to make it happen.
He can not be bothered by God or His Son, this new cause is much greater than all that…
His brother is the preacher who's sermons are all on soft soap, and feel good fads, and
chakras of now, and new wave, no mention or word of bible or sacrifice or savior. He will
shed a tear on telling tales of puppy dogs and whales and never mention the Master's plan,
and all that it entails. This puppet servers the devil best and will be his Bar B Q… but pity
those poor folks who followed him and were carried away in sin…

You need to look out for puppets and avoid the ones you find, because the devil aint
some dude you party with on weekends, and leave him well behind. No sir! don't be
fooled into putting your head into one of his socks, because he don't go home .. He is
with you twenty four seven.. And he aint your new best friend.. He will spit on your back
and tell you its rain.

We need to WAKE UP out there because bubba's coming and Hell is coming with him.
The army of God needs strong Christian warriors to take the field and stop him in his
tracks and let him know that were are not a bunch of puppet looking lip quivering
Christianettes. We gotta suck it up.. Stand fast.. Face the devil.. Pray for the lost and
pray for the puppets too.. You see…

Most of them will never know

That their heads are just a toe..

Stuffed inside the devils ploy..

A dirty old sock puppet toy..

Now remember keep your head in the good book.. And not in a sock.

God Bless you all

And please let me know what you think..