Free Christian Illustrations

Free Christian Illustrations
 "Pilgrims" Comic Strip

"Pilgrims" an internationally syndicated cartoon strip by Bro Kirk thrived for 3 short years in the early 80's. I called it my "favorite", then God blessed me by introducing me to the artist/author miraculously 25 years later.
~Laura Sotka, Webmistress

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II Timothy 3:16

King James Bible

Well pilgrim..  if you want to survive in the world.. this pretty well lays it out.. You gotta study the bible..

In it you will find great wisdom.. old Solomon shares his
insights on business and wives and stuff .. not only that the
bible gives you the full and complete inside story on Jesus
and the boys.. and how to get out of this life alive with an
eternal fire insurance policy that covers you from the devil
and his friends… it even teaches you how to pray .. you know talk to God direct .. via knee mail.. It shows you how to live
if you all want to please and praise God..  and a whole bunch more ..

A smart dude or dudette will thumb it just to get directions
so they don’t fall off  the mountain…

Happy prayers for you

Your uncle,

Bro kirk

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